And so it begins…

As I stare at the “edit post” page to write my first official post, I’m not sure I know where or how to start…

I’m 24 years old. I graduated college with an elementary education and psychology degree. My dream job would be a kindergarten teacher. However, because of the declining economy and corrupt district officials, I haven’t found a teaching job yet since schools are not hiring. For now, I work full-time in a bookstore as the “kids specialist”. I have fantastic friends that I wish I could spend more time with. I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for over a year and things are going great. Sometimes I have frustrating days, sometimes I feel like crud, and sometimes I do things I regret. Yet overall, I love my life. I always like to see the silver lining in things and I know that’s how I stay the generally happy person I am. This blog will chronicle my ever-changing life and my unique perspective.

Today’s silver lining: Even though I have a bad cold sore today that hurts like heck, at least I know that I don’t get sores anywhere else on my body!¬† =D


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