Official Hiring Process

I wonder if every new teacher has to jump through this many hoops before setting foot in a classroom…

First, I aced the interview. Then, I signed the employment agreement.

At this point I thought I had the job. But apparently, there were lots left to do before I’m officially hired. I then got a call asking me to email them my references. A little backwards, but OK. It was then that I was getting just a little worried about “having the job”.

Yet then, I got the email about the staff/parent meeting and I was reassured. I also had to go downtown and get my fingerprints taken and complete a drug test. At the meeting, we got a red folder from the management team. Inside, it had three packets.

  • Employment Application
  • Basic Employment Policies
  • New Hire Booklet

So yes, I had to fill out an employment application after them already saying I “had the job”. At least there was also the new hire booklet or else I would have gotten a little scared again. It just seems like a lot of repeating information though. The new hire booklet wanted information for taxes and direct deposit.

At this point, I have no idea if the management team will want to interview me themselves before I’m officially hired. Since I’m not “official” yet, there’s still a bit of doubt in my head. Usually I don’t like to hold my breath for things and so this whole process is driving me a little crazy.

I wonder if regular public school teachers in my county have to jump through this many hoops and in this strange particular order before they are officially hired.

Today’s silver lining: I’ve been getting along with Miss G online talking about the management packet, teacher uniform, and curriculum. It looks like the year will be full of collaboration!  =D

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