School Craziness/Sickness

Hello there, again!

So… I’ve been a Kindergarten teacher for just over a month now… and wow… what a blur!!! This is how my life has been…

Lesson planing… teaching… grading… creating… sleeping… stressing… spending money…  and getting sick over and over and over again!

All these 5-year-olds have really been reeking havoc on my immune system. I’ve already taken 4 sick days off from work! I’ve had a head cold (maybe the flu), lost my voice (may have been laryngitis), had a terrible cough (maybe bronchitis), and now a sore throat (maybe strep). I was on 4 medications at one time and now I’m on a new type of medication because this past week I may or may not have caught strep throat. Last week, almost half of my homeroom class were out sick… Hopefully, I’ll become immune to all of these diseases now and won’t be sick for the rest of the year!

I’ve also been working my butt off! I’m very slow when I’m planning and this whole year requires soo much planning! A lot of times, I feel like I’m very much behind. I want what I’m teaching to be awesome so I spend a lot of time and effort on that. However, all the administrative aspects are really weighing me down. All the grading, filing, recording, preparing are overwhelming. I never had to do all this other stuff during my internship and it’s a LOT! Just deciding what to assign for homework is time consuming…. I know this year will be my absolute hardest during my teaching career and that things will get easier, but I think the stress is really negatively affecting my health… I have to keep reminding myself to just do the best that I can and that things will turn out.

Back to School night was supposed to be last Wednesday, but a tropical depression came through and it was postponed until this Wednesday. I’ll take pictures of my room and post them! I’ve put a lot of student work up and changed displays and all kinds of stuff since the pictures on my FLICKR account. After this week, I’ll hopefully be able to get more into the swing of things.. finally… This week, I also have to input all of my grades into the electronic gradebook since I finally was able to log in for the first time this weekend. So after the push for finishing up all the grades I’m a bit behind on, hopefully I’ll be all caught up and able to focus more on the present, future, and blogging…

Today’s Silver Lining: Even after all the stress, sickness, and work, I’m still ecstatic and proud about being a Kindergarten teacher!!

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