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Our Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board #1

Popsicle Snowflakes

That was our bulletin board before winter vacation. The snowflakes were made out of popsicle sticks, glue, and glitter. Yes… glitter… It was very controlled though… I had just five students at a time come to me to get their snowflake “glitter-ized”… I had squeezed glue into small bowls and had the kids paint glue on their snowflakes using a paintbrush. I then asked each student what color they wanted their snowflake and I sprinkled the glitter on myself. It actually went really well.

After they dried, I then used three clear pushpins per snowflake and secured them on the bulletin board. Just make sure to use three pushpins, because using only two will inevitably make some of the more awkwardly shaped snowflakes to fall if the wall is banged and then create a cascading glitter avalanche all over the back of your new computers. Trust me on this one…. Haha…

Just before the students left for winter vacation, the snowflakes were taken down and given to the students so they could use them as ornaments. The border remains the same though because tomorrow we will make penguin crafts, which will be used to fill up the board and give my felt and pipe cleaner snowgirl some company.

Snowflakes and snowgirl

Oh… and if you’re wondering why there are random black letters in the title, it’s because I had used all the other letters around the rest of my room and ran out. I always intended to get another set of that blue lettering, but with the before Christmas craziness, I never got the chance to… Yeah… It still bugs me too.. Haha..

Also, here’s a wider picture view of that part of the classroom…

Our Winter Wonderland too

…You can see some of the other crafts we’ve done this year…