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Caution: Toy Avalanche May Occur

Today I realized why my boss wants me to work overtime this week at the bookstore. There is just so much to do in the kids section. The problem is that our location sells the most in our district. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that we sell a ton of merchandise. However, we are a much smaller store than most of the other locations of our chain. So corporate sees how much we sell and decides that we need a couple of tons of new merchandise for the holiday season. Yet with our small location, we can’t fit everything. Therefore we are trying to cram everything in and when everywhere is full, they send us yet another truck full of product. It’s a never-ending battle.

This week, in addition to shelving cart-full after cart-full of kids merch, I have to change the appearance of certain sections. Today I changed face-outs of picture books and board books to what corporate wants and tried to make them “pretty”. I love how all my bosses completely trust me to do whatever I think is best in the kids section. For the rest of the week, I’ll have to deal with multitude of toys and games we’ve accumulated . To my annoyance, the kids section is half toy store. Right now, we’ve crammed all that we could on our shelves, piled more on top of the shelves to reach the ceiling, created “barges” (random areas where we pile multiple items on the floor in a group) throughout the store, and we still receive lots of toys and games each day. To make matters worse, corporate has this crazy idea of wanting us to face-out all the toys and games instead of having everything spine-out like how we have it now so we could fit the most on the shelves. If you think about how wide toy boxes are, you’ll see the insanity of it all. I really can’t comprehend how I’m supposed to magically make everything fit. I guess only time will tell.

Today’s silver lining: I’m literally working my butt off at work. With all the standing, walking, climbing, and carrying heavy books, I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I started working at the bookstore in April and I continue to eat some form of dessert every day! Mmmm…