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Thousand Words Thursday

While looking as other blogs, I came across Cheaper than Therapy‘s blog. She started the awesome idea of  “thousand words thursday” after watching her computer’s slideshow screensaver and loving all the emotions and memories old photos brought back. I know I’ve felt the same way while watching my screensaver’s randomized slideshow. Therefore, I’ll post a “picture that is powerful, that expresses emotion, and speaks volumes to me” every Thursday as well. So here’s my first “thousand words Thursday” post!


This is a picture I took while visiting one of my best friends while she was living in Belize. We were walking along the coast and all of a sudden I looked down. To my suprise, I see the numbers 1985. To most people it might not mean much of anything, but to my friend and I, it was our birth year. To this day, this picture makes me think about how we always say that we are “unbiological sisters” born only a few days and countries apart.

Cheaper Than Therapy

Today’s silver lining: Even though I don’t have any vacation days right now, I can plan all about how I’m going to use them when I finally get them on March 1st!